An electric kettle in your kitchen no longer has to be seen as an alien creature from another planet. It doesn’t need to scare you with its plastic covering or intimidate you with an ultra-modern pattern taken straight from science-fiction films. From now on it may serve as a perfect supplement to an elegant table setting, an ornament in the kitchen, functional and beautiful at the same time.

That's exactly what the kettles of the German HAEN brand are made of. They are classic, i.e. cordless electric kettles with the jug separate from the base. They will allow you to boil water instantly (it takes around 4 minutes to boil a litre of water), and are safe - the ceramic body is stable, doesn't heat up, and has a large, convenient holder. A precise thermostat switches off the appliance automatically when the water reaches 100 degrees centigrade (as indicated by a light located in the switch). The base is fully rotatable - just place the kettle on it. There is no need to make any adjustments to make it work properly. Compared to appliances made of plastic, which easily collect greasy residue and all kinds of dust, a kettle made of semi-vitreous chinaware is easy to keep clean.
Depending on the model, the kettles have capacities of 0.6 l (model CK-600), 1 l (model CK-100), 1.2 l (model CK-1200) and this makes them very functional.

However, among other devices of this type, HAEN kettles are distinguished by their attractiveness. Each of them is a classic, ceramic teapot. The inside conceals a heating element made of stainless steel. It is hidden or incorporated into the covering so well that one has to take a really close look to notice it. The kettles are decorated in a number of ways.
The patterns refer to the most fashionable interior decoration styles.